Below are some testimonials that we’ve received over the years.

“The Radhakrishnan Vidyalaya has a stellar reputation in -brahmantoli, Muzaffarpur, and for good reason. In the hands of a nurturing and loving group of teachers and staff members your curious and untamed toddler will be transformed into a successful and inquisitive student well—prepared to handle the kindergarten environment. We came to Radhakrishnan Vidyalaya on the recommendation of a friend who couldn’t say enough positive things about the school, and found that her glowing report was well-deserved.


What initially impressed me was the way in which the students were so actively engaged in their learning, and I knew I wanted my son to be a part of that world. In the classroom, children learn how to write their letters, both capital and lowercase,in the innovative Handwriting Without Tears program. The classroom experience is enriched by a varied and amazing selection of centers that include everything from music and art and life skills. The school’s library is full for both student’s and parent’s use. While your child learns about borrowing books, you have the opportunity to peruse parenting resources and guides to help you.

For me, the commute to the school was long and tedious, but in the end well-worth it. I would drive miles to have my kids benefit from such a wonderful and unparalleled learning environment. As my son continues to blossom in his kindergarten class, his teacher said to me that the best advice she could give me for my younger daughter would be to send her to Sunshine.”
– Parent